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Abu Hadriyah, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia

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Abu Hadriyah

Place name: Abu Hadriyah
Administrative location: Abu Hadriyah, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia
Geographic Coordinates: 48°58'0", 27°19'60"

Welcome to Abu Hadriyah map. Abu Hadriyah city is situated in Saudi Arabia, Ash Sharqiyah and its coordinates on the map are 48°58'0", 27°19'60". Original name (with diacritics) is Abu Hadriyah. On this page you can find photos, aerial images of Abu Hadriyah and nearby places, local time in Abu Hadriyah. Besides you can add Abu Hadriyah Map to your website or blog (Insert widget)

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Airports near Abu Hadriyah

  1. Airport King Fahad International — 134 km
  2. Airport Bahrain International — 220 km
  3. Airport Alahsa — 225 km
  4. Airport Kuwait International — 238 km
  5. Airport Muharraq — 246 km
  6. Airport Khark — 262 km
  7. Airport Bahregan — 273 km
  8. Airport Bushehr — 274 km
  9. Airport Qaisumah — 334 km
  10. Airport Abadan — 347 km

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